Our Story

We carefully create and handmake natural wax sculptural candles and sustainable homeware. Since our inception in 2022 we’ve worked hard to hone our craft, with a strong focus on quality and innovation.

We take pride in making our customers happy with products that enhance their space and wellbeing, whilst always striving to be the most sustainable and eco-conscious brand we can be.

With eco-consciousness at the heart of what we do, we spent time researching a range of waxes. Our findings led us to create a candle collection made from a pure beeswax and soy wax blend.

Whilst the incredible strength of beeswax ensures the candles have a much longer burn time than 100% soy candles, adding a blend of creamy soy wax gives them a buttery texture that really elevates the aesthetic of our beautiful pastel shades.

We created the unique colours of our candles by mixing various different hues and intensively experimenting until we achieved the perfect soft shades.

Our stone candleholders are made from the eco-friendly material, Jesmonite. Containing plastic waste recovered from the ocean, our flecked candleholders have not only been designed to look beautiful but to also actively help the planet.

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